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Predictive Maintenance in Aerospace – Innovative Use Cases

The aerospace sector is operating on an archaic data management model that lacks breadth and visibility to detect patterns or to enable early failure detection and isolation. For once, the conservative nature of this heavily regulated sector makes it costly and time consuming to develop and certify new solutions and services based on emerging technologies. Mehr lesen

Trends in Data-Driven Internet of Things (IoT)

Over the last year, we’ve watched companies develop strategies and build capabilities within the Internet of Things (IoT) arena. While some of these companies already have a solid existing market positioning in IoT, others are in the early stages and are focused on moving quickly. Mehr lesen

How to approach Business Analytics? A guide for better insights out of big data

Business Analytics is a complex and new topic for many corporations. We are often asked by our clients how to approach this topic as best as possible and which building blocks are to be considered. In this article, we would like to give interested parties a brief guide on how to address the topic and which building blocks are to be considered to get better insights out of big data. Mehr lesen

Data-Driven User Engagement

The promise of data and analytics for product companies is that they can help you understand usage, and improve your ability to build, deploy, and service products to customers much more accurately and efficiently. Mehr lesen

The ROI of a Modern Data Strategy

You finally have top management on board to get started on your company’s data transformation, but now comes the hard part. You know that there’s value in having the right strategy before you begin your big data work, but how do you convince the rest of your stakeholders and team on the ROI of beginning with the strategy instead? Mehr lesen

Das Potenzial von Daten durch Business Analytics voll ausschöpfen!

Rasant ansteigende Datenvolumina machen die Auswertung und Generierung von „Insights“ für Unternehmen immer aufwendiger. Daher ist das Thema Business Analytics wichtig, um die richtigen Kunden zu identifizieren und mit passgenauen Angeboten anzusprechen. Mehr lesen